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Why Social Marketers Should Leverage Facebook Live ?

 Hi, friends this is kushagra ,friends as you all know that social marketers lever the Facebook live.Facebook is the king of all the social medias because it is the most using social platform and has the alexa rank of 3 globally . If you are a blogger then you can easily make your website or blog's page on Facebook which give you much traffic for your blog.recently now these days an Facebook's  extraordinary feature "Facebook live" is a better interaction for users.

Now at that time this feature is only avilable for U.S peoples who has  Apple devices because now it is Only for iOS users. But after sometime of interval Facebook live will avilable for Android users and in all the countries.You can say that now Facebook do experiments on Facebook live. Facebook Live is a good feature for Public figure , Celebrities .It is very beautiful feature from the Facebook.

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Now  you are think that what is Facebook Live ? 

-So Facebook live is a very good and attractive  feature which is allow you to do the live streaming on Facebook With the help of your Mobile devices .It is an app just like Fame live etc by which you can able to live stream your if any of your friend ,family member miss your party ,marriage function or whatever the he/she can easily se the function with the help of this feature.

How to Start live stream In Facebook live ? 

-To start the live streaming on your device you will just go on your home page and the status option then you find their Live Video icon .You want to just tap on the icon and then your live stream will start you can also write a description for your event which you going to live stream because it makes easy to your viewers that for what occasion you can do stream.

Facebook Live Stream

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You can be exited to know what are the Features of Facebook Live? 

-Facebook live streaming can be done by your Personal Facebook Account or Your Facebook Page.It has an option which is same as the status update in there you can see Friends,Public or in your group.your viewers can able to comment on your live stream and them also able to like your video , you can also able to give the Reply of your viewers through comment.There are stickers available for showing the excitement or fun.

As you all know that after posting the videos , videos are save on your timeline same as After the live streaming these videos can automatically save on your timeline.

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Now you have a question that Why it is better than other streaming apps ?

-Friends as you all know that like Fame live,periscope and etc. apps which have live streaming  option these all the apps are not have to choose the viewers i mean to say that in these apps you can not select the public,friends,group only .this feature is only given in Facebook live, and after some months Facebook will make other good features for Facebook live.

In other apps, the videos would disappear after 24 hours but in Facebook live there your videos would not disappear they are saved on your timeline. After all, this is Facebook which is the biggest part  of Social media marketing you can also call Facebook as Social Media Marketing Company.

You are able to broadcast the live Concerts,live Events,live Conferences which you want to organize. You can also give the message first that you can be going to give live streaming on the particular date.So it's mean that you can make a number of users or followers if you have a blog then you can earn a good traffic to your blog with the help of Facebook live.

Now I would like to day that Facebook is  a social media and marketing site which help the peoples to share their knowledge.

Facebook live share option

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The main thing:-Why should Marketers Leverage Facebook Live ?

-This is the very-very Good Platform for putting your voice to the public for example if you are a blogger then you want traffic more traffic for your blog but if you not have good public support then what should you do ,simply Facebook live is this platform where you can give your site's information spread the knowledge and earn traffic.

If you post an article then you got much traffic but if you give a live streaming video attach with your article then you got the better result and increase you rank obviously same as the biggest sites like Techcrunch,bgr,Shoutmeloud,iftiseo,etc.I am telling that because some of the bloggers do not know about social media management.I mean to say that they did not know that how can they generate the traffic for their blog or website.

Facebook Live A Good Feature From Facebook
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Conclusion |

-The conclusion of this article is that Facebook live is a better platform for increasing your traffic or spread your information to the public.If you all have any quarry related to SEO then ask me no problem ask by comment or E-mail me. I hope you all Like and enjoy my this article based on SEO. This is my First article which is based on SEO. Please like or share my this article if you like. and subscribe Techveria for the latest updates.

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