How To Get Immense Traffic from Reddit

Hi, friends I am kushagra come again to write my Fifth How To Tutorial, Guys if you are a blogger or Author of any website then you want traffic for your site and also if you do not have rank on Alexa ,I tell you a powerful way to increase traffic and rank , Firstly talk about Past posts Few days ago I was written a tutorial which is How to Install Android N OS On PC this is one of my most success full posts of my let's starts today's Tutorial.

Reddit is the high rank site in people from all over the world submit link and gets an immense
amount of can also  using Reddit to promote your site because It is Social Media Marketing. This traffic is very high sometimes ,the website servers go offline. For getting traffic you must know that you need at least 100 or more link karma point before submitting your website link to Reddit. Please read all the rules of sub-Reddit in which you submit the link.If you get maximum up votes or Points then you increase a chance to get 100 or more Reddit link karma.

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Steps To Get Immense Amount Of Traffic From Reddit |

1. Create an account on Reddit.

2.Click on submit link(right side).

3.Choose a funny ,cute,or attractive unique image.

4.Then go to imgur and create an account on it and upload the image you choose on Imgur .Then on the right ,you see the link or direct link copy it .

6. Paste on Karmadecay ,it shows you that this image is already on Reddit or not.If not ,then placed on URL section, choose an attractive title so who see this, was not stop him from clicking on the link.

7.Carefully choose the sub-Reddit like pics,blogger,howto,funny pics, etc.On which your image belong.(NOTE-Reddit does not allows adult content so please donot post any thing which break the rules of Reddit.If you break the rule the your Reddit Account will be Bane )

8.Then follow these steps until you get 100 or more then that to submit the link to your site.

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-Thank you, friends, for reading the above how to a tutorial if you have any problem related to above tutorial then contact us or comment on our web page . Please subscribe our site Techveria
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