Price and Review of SanDisk wireless pendrive

SanDisk wireless pendrive

 Hello, friends previously we write an review on Lenovo Vibe K4 Plus which is an very good and stylish smartphone and have  very better performance. Now Today i post on an wireless pendrive .So,Let's begain.

Since a significant number of smartphones ship with limited local storage and not having expandable memory so these types of smartphones are know stor their data on an wireless pendrive which is launched by sandisk  yes it  is wireless so you can easily connect your smartphones with this and fill the storage with your documents this pendrive is supported by apple's iphone ,microsoft's windows smartphones,android smartphones and much more devices which can access this such as dropbox and icloud exist to address this demand but they are use much of internet and when you not have internet then you not access your files .

  This Sandisk connect wireless is have an very amazing feature that it can stream content on up to three ios or androis devices at once It's maximum storage is up to 128 GB which is not small . this snadisk wireless pendrive is small portable and easy to use.

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SanDisk wireless pendrive

 Sandisk Connect wireless pendrive loking very attractive it has an power switch on the side once you one the switch button then this pendrive create an wi fi  zone  and then you connect you smart device up to three devices one time  to access the content of the pendrive you wants to install the snadisk connect drive app for android or ios which is avilable on  play store and app store respectively.this sndisk connect wireless app atke up to 30 second to start . at one time you can stream the movies in three devices at one time without any hang .

This sandisk connect wireless is have the MRP of 16  GB in Rs.2,790 only ,128 GB  at Rs.9,490
only .But  now it is avilable online  with the price of  Rs.1,725 for 16 GB, 32 GB @2,499 , 64 GB @3,599 , and 128 GB @6,099 only

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